From Cardiothoracic Surgeon to Irresponsible Talking Head?

It would be hard to find someone in the US who hasn’t seen or heard about congress chewing out Dr. Oz about his irresponsible endorsing of dietary supplements, specifically green coffee beans and raspberry ketones, while he humbly hung his head low. He looked like a child getting scolded by his mother. As a cardiothoracic surgeon, we would think he should know better. Is he just getting bored repairing people’s tickers?

It’s well known that Oprah Winfrey gave Dr. Oz his start on TV, but according to a New York Daily News article, at first he had no interest in the media spotlight, and blamed his wife for the idea. She was bothered by the fact that many of his patients’ unhealthy lifestyles eventually required her husband to perform surgery on them. The idea of using TV to talk the public about how not to end up on his operating table, was unheard of. For Dr Oz, it was probably like a child tasting chocolate for the first time. The article goes on to say that despite his busy production schedule, he still does rounds on Thursdays at New York Presbyterian Hospital. There’s a three-week waiting list for an appointment with him for non-urgent issues, and he still performs heart surgery. I hope he’s at least getting his eight hours every night before he makes that first incision.

How do you go from saving lives by performing surgeries that only a hand-full of people on this Earth can do to becoming a talk show host who provides advice that is anecdotal at best, to an audience that probably doesn’t see a doctor regularly, and is only looking for a quick fix.

Is it possible that just because you’re experienced at slicing open a person’s chest to get their heart beating again, that it doesn’t mean you know a thing about diet, nutrition and how the human body uses food for energy, growth, healing and protection from illness and disease? With all those degrees, I doubt it. By spending just a few minutes doing a search for Dr. Oz online, it won’t take long to find that he does have quite “the resume.” So what gives?

Now days negative publicity seems to be more lucrative than good publicity. The Dr. Oz show is still alive and well. He also has another show called NY Med. Proof that he has so many viewers who probably believe him more than their own doctors. Also proof that anecdotal advise is here to stay and continues to draw in the ratings.


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